privacyYou show quit a bit of yourself during a photo shoot. Sometimes literally. That is why privacy and discretion are of paramount importance to me.

The basis of cooperation is mutual trust. And I promise you that your photos will never be seen by anyone else, unless you have given your explicit permission.

Maximum security that your photos remain in your sole possession is also possible. Namely, by transferring the photos to your computer or laptop immediately after the photo shoot, after which they are deleted from my camera. I will show you this clearly and confirm this on paper if you wish.

It is also possible to save the photos on your own Compact Flash or SD card. This way you have 100% certainty that only you have the pictures. Because of this, post-processing of all photos is no longer possible. But there is a solution for that too. You can always send me a few photos later for post-processing.

Furthermore, I never talk about the people I have photographed. And I only show the photos of others for which permission has been explicitly granted. Your contact details are never given to third parties and I never send unsolicited mail or other spam.

All correspondence will be treated confidentially. Photographs sent by you will not be shown to third parties.

Do you have any questions about discretion and privacy? Please feel free to ask!