I am still working on this translation. The dutch page is up to date.


Your personal photo shoot

It is easy to get some pics of yourself. Just take a mobile phone and a mirror. But that does not do the real job of course. Sometimes you need real photographs, for example to put it in a frame on your (grand)mothers chimney or to be successfull on a dating website. Therefore I offer you a personal photo shoot.


For who?

Everybody can have a photo shoot. Man, women, young, old, thin, fat, it does not make any difference. When you have a look at the photo examples you will notice my main experience is photography of men. But please ladies, your are also welcome to have your photo shoot by me!


What will I get?

There are several photo shoots you can choose from. The shortest takes one hour and the longest takes four hours. A photo shoot for a few people together is also possible.

Directly after the photo shoot you receive all pictures on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. If you like, you can get some prints directly (postcard size: 10×15 cm / 4×6″). It is also possible to order larger prints.


What is the quality?

All pictures are digital and of high quality (I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark III). You can make very large prints.

The pictures are always made in full color mode. If you like, copies can be made in black and white.


Can I use these pics on the internet?

All digital pictures are too large for use on the internet. Therefore copies of all pics will be made at a lower resolution (e. g. 300×450 pixel). You can use these small files for e-mail and internet. Additional texts can be added to the (small) pictures, like your (nick)name or e-mail address.


What kind of pictures are possible?

All styles of photography are possible: chique, formal, casual, glamour, etcetera, as long as it makes beautifull pictures.

Think in advance what kind of pictures you would like and for what purposes you want to use them. If you don’t know how to describe it, you can bring some examples. Or even better, send the examples in advance to me, so I can take additional preparations if necessary.


Where are the pictures made?

Every location is possible. I do have my own studio (in Amsterdam Osdorp) and have also access to other (larger) studios. It is also possible to do the photo shoot at your place or any other location you like. When the weather cooperates, we can also have a photo shoot outdoors. Look for more information about the locations here.


How does it work?

To get nice pictures, it is important for you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Therefore I like to start with a good cup of coffee. After all, we are in the Netherlands :).

We talk about what is going to happen. What are you expecting? Maybe you feel a bit nervous? When you are comfortable, the photoshoot starts with a few test pictures. They we be shown to you on the computer. Then the real photo shoot starts.

When we are finished, all the pictures are burned on a CD (or DVD). This will take about 30 minutes.


Privacy en discretion

Your personal data will never be handed over to someone else. Your pictures will never be shown to anyone else, unless you give me clear permission in writing. This will all be confirmed in a contract.


What are the costs?

A complete overview of all different arrangements is on the page price. Please contact me if you have any other requests.


Are you interested?

That’s nice! Please contact me and leave your phone number. I will call you or reply by email to make an appointment or discuss any question.